Looking for a Rewind.AI alternative?

Fabric is the best Rewind.AI alternative for thinkers, executives and creatives

Teams and individuals love Fabric because they can search, create, collaborate, and share – all in one beautiful visual interface.

Get perfect memory across all your notes, files and clouds. A collaborative, self-organising explorer for everything.

Fabric gives you AI-powered perfect recall across all of your data.

Not a mere screen-recorder

Fabric generates summaries and contextual understanding for entire websites, files and anything else you save to it – not just scraping together a guess from what happens to be on your screen in a given moment.

Connect your existing apps

Fabric is not an isolated silo, or yet another app. Connect the places your data already lives – your iOS screenshots folder, your Notion, Dropbox or more. Fabric populates itself and stays synchronized.

Available wherever you are

With apps on every major platform and powerful sync, your content is available whenever and wherever. Get the benefits of Fabric's AI on every device. All fully encrypted.

Your new collaborative workspace

Fabric supports all files, offers a full-featured text editor, integrated web browser and multiplayer collaboration across everything. Make comments, view and edit content together, and easily share with anyone.

Switch from Rewind.AI to Fabric in 30 seconds today.

Fabric vs. Rewind.AI

Try Fabric for free

Try Fabric for free

Try Fabric for free