Looking for a Mymind alternative?

Fabric is the powerful Mymind alternative for thinkers and creatives

All your data together. Teams and individuals love Fabric because they can create, search, collaborate, and share content all in one beautiful visual interface.

A collaborative workspace that organizes itself with AI. For all your notes, files, images and links.

Fabric is your home for everything, without the need to organize it.

Save directly to Fabric… or connect your existing apps

Save directly to Fabric or connect the places your data already lives – your iOS screenshot folder, your Notion, Dropbox or more. Everything gets automatically tagged and organized by AI, so you don't have to.

AI that does the work for you

  • Find any file, image or document by simply describing them. No need to file or label your data.

  • Use our AI assistant to fetch information from inside a website or note for you.

  • Fabric understands the meaning of any file or document, and can intelligently suggest similar items to you.

A full workspace, designed for collaboration

Fabric supports all files, offers a full-featured text editor, integrated web browser and multiplayer collaboration across everything. Make comments, view and edit content together, and easily share with anyone.

Switch from Mymind to Fabric in 30 seconds today.

Fabric vs. Mymind

Try Fabric for free

Try Fabric for free

Try Fabric for free