Review & approval

One home to review and approve assets & documents

Teams love Fabric because they can search, trade feedback, and review assets all in one visual interface.

Review, approve and update content and documents in a unified, multiplayer workspace.

Review faster and more efficiently with shared Fabric workspaces.

Shared workspaces

Create a share link for any workspace and set permissions for comments, downloads, uploads, and versions. Even add a password, for peace of mind.

Collaborate and review in context

Gather everything into a collaborative space, and review, add commentary and work together. All in a single, centralized location. No more scattered interactions and fragmented work across multiple tools.

Collect content and feedback directly from guests

Partners and freelancers can upload content or add feedback directly into your workspace.

Granular user permissions

Control who sees what, when. Give guests access to your entire teamspace, a single workspace, or just add them to specific documents. Job done? Expire the link to remove access.

Get feedback and approvals faster, with Fabric

Get feedback and approvals faster, with Fabric