Press kits

Press kits

Share and control access to a mixed-media repository, bringing internet links, files, notes, overlaid with guidance and recommendations

Create comprehensive, multi-format press kits, with granual access controls.

Share important content efficiently with Fabric workspaces.

Shared workspaces

Create a share link for any workspace and set permissions for comments, downloads, uploads, and versions. Even add a password, for peace of mind.

Automatically updated

Easily update versions, or set references inside Fabric, so that the press kit updates itself as new materials are created.

A single repository, representing all information types

Links, files, notes – any data can be added to the shared space, along with guidance and commentary.

Link between entities or content locations within a space

Easily click to go to a sub-document location (e.g. a specific paragraph or timestamp in a video). All data can be traversed by URL.

Granular user permissions

Control who sees what, when. Give guests access to your entire teamspace, a single workspace, or just add them to specific documents. Job done? Expire the link to remove access.

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Try Fabric for free