Digital asset management

Digital asset management in one place

Teams love Fabric because they can search, trade feedback, and share assets all in one visual, AI-powered interface.

Share important content efficiently and automatically with Fabric.

No more ideas or insights getting lost and buried.

Fabric makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. No more endless scrolling and searching. Fabric's semantic search means you can find anything based on meaning. Find an image by just describing the contents.

Shared spaces

Create a share link for any workspace and set permissions for comments, downloads, uploads, and versions. Even add a password, for peace of mind.

Automatically updated

Easily update versions, or set references inside Fabric, so that assets update themselves as new versions are uploaded.

A single repository, representing all information types

Links, files, notes – any data can be added to the shared space, along with guidance and commentary.

Link between entities or content locations within a space

Easily click to go to a sub-document location (e.g. a specific paragraph or timestamp in a video). All data can be traversed by URL.

Granular user permissions

Control who sees what, when. Give guests access to your entire teamspace, a single workspace, or just add them to specific documents. Job done? Expire the link to remove access.

Get on top of your digital asset management, with Fabric

Get on top of your digital asset management, with Fabric