Feb 27, 2024

New sidebar UI

We’ve rolled out a new sidebar (and drawer) UI, bringing our AI-generated similar suggestions into a more convenient experience available on every platform.

Feb 20, 2024

New PDF explorer + search UI updates

We’ve rolled out a new native viewer for PDFs, with powerful zoom, improved highlighting, page tracking and more – it's now the best way to review your PDFs, and it's there built straight into Fabric!

In addition, we're beginning a major overhaul of our search experience, beginning by making our global search an overlay that can be accessed from anywhere.

Jan 31, 2024

Multiplayer notepads + image embedding support

We’ve rolled out multiplayer documents, turning every note into a real-time collaboration space – with shared multiplayer cursors and edit synchronisation. Write, think, and discuss together.

In addition, we've added text editor support for uploading/dropping images, for a complete collaboration experience.

This makes Fabric a better tool for writing documentation, doing creative work, planning, or keeping a company wiki.

Jan 29, 2024

Link to an expanded entity

Easily share a specific item within a shared space.

Now all opened cards have a shareable state – so just paste the URL to a teammate or friend (that has access to the same space) to show them the same thing.

Jan 18, 2024

Improved list UI, infinite loader

We've updated the list UI to be cleaner and easier to visually scan at all dimensions. Labels, public sharing and comments are all handled better visually.

And we've added an infinite loader so that it's more clear when there is content within the folder/space to see, and that it's still loading. (Before this, it wasn't as obvious as it should be).

Jan 9, 2024

Mobile swipe between items

Smoothly hop between items within a folder or space by swiping horizontally, making it easy to quickly review or browse a set of items with one hand. This makes Fabric feel much more mobile-native.

Jan 3, 2024

New UI for spaces

We've added a new UI for the overview of all of your spaces, making it more modern and minimal. We've also added a list view so that it's easier to see all of your spaces in a single view and find what you're looking for.

Other improvements include: making multi-select more performant, and UI improvements to navigation and other fundamentals like the context menu.

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